Leafy Gets BANNED... Pokimane, H3H3, Jake Paul, FaZe Rug

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  • PizzaTacos
    PizzaTacos10 dager siden

    Imagine whipping so hard you dislocate your arm, I feel bad but he’ll go down as a madlad

  • 8 OO
    8 OO17 dager siden

    Bro your internet

  • Asda shopper #stuffulnation
    Asda shopper #stuffulnation22 dager siden

    NOlocal has died since leafy was banned

  • KaizenKitty
    KaizenKitty4 måneder siden

    Petition to ban Shane Dawson from all social media. [ like if you agree ]

  • DKsaNn Kat
    DKsaNn Kat5 måneder siden

    Twitch streamers are dumb trying to go after bk

  • DKsaNn Kat
    DKsaNn Kat5 måneder siden

    Leafy 😔

  • lmao
    lmao5 måneder siden

    bruh for the burger king ad you can just say no then ban them fuck me

  • The Irish Abled Gamer
    The Irish Abled Gamer5 måneder siden

    All Leafy needs to do is make a new email. Done. He's back.

  • MrWEWE5
    MrWEWE56 måneder siden

    LeafyIsHere, the Rush Limbaugh of NOlocal.

  • Teresa Johnson
    Teresa Johnson7 måneder siden

    spider man far from home

  • Sonny Shahadat
    Sonny Shahadat7 måneder siden

    He's got a new channel

  • OG Zgar
    OG Zgar7 måneder siden

    leafy said he wont stop til he is banned youtube: OK. **presses the ban button** leafys fans: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • OG Zgar
    OG Zgar7 måneder siden

    lol leafy gone. seriously Idubbbz brought him back just to kill him

  • OG Zgar
    OG Zgar7 måneder siden

    he said hell milk the cow til he gets banned.

  • Aqua
    Aqua7 måneder siden

    All these pu**ys bro talking just because he got banned

  • A Nonny’s Moose
    A Nonny’s Moose7 måneder siden

    If Burger King donated to a stream that I was doing, I would call them out so fucking hard. I've gotten tons of food from there that actually tasted spoiled and I threw out. A lot of other fast food chains don't have the best food, but I can't name too many times I've gotten stuff that actually tastes spoiled.

  • John
    John8 måneder siden

    I genuinely do not understand this obsession with Pokimane. She cakes on massive amounts of makeup just to look like a 6. Fine I will be generous, she is MIGHT be a 7 but that is pushing it considering the stock that is out there.

  • Skywarp22
    Skywarp228 måneder siden

    I feel so bad for laughing at the whip guy

  • BOki! K
    BOki! K8 måneder siden

    Damm bro I remember I had to keep up with your videos and suddenly I forgot you existed...

  • Brotato Amv's
    Brotato Amv's8 måneder siden

    Rip scarce

  • Henrik Arnold
    Henrik Arnold8 måneder siden


  • Luis Nevarez
    Luis Nevarez8 måneder siden

    i like to think when scarce isnt uploading, he on a private island wasting away

  • Gabriel Go
    Gabriel Go8 måneder siden

    welp gotta wait for someone to spill the tea

  • Imback _bigmac

    Imback _bigmac

    8 måneder siden

    LOL same

  • JustKosa
    JustKosa8 måneder siden

    Maaaaaan. Are you dead or som I keep looking up this channel incase the videos were just not showing up in my notifs, nopppppppppe

  • Onion
    Onion8 måneder siden

    Looks like I’m watching fucking #dramaalert

  • Adrian Escobedo
    Adrian Escobedo8 måneder siden

    Come back scarce

  • Aidan Bracke
    Aidan Bracke8 måneder siden

    Hear you go twitch just suspended leafy

  • S s
    S s8 måneder siden

    scarce got killed by grossgore

  • Leonardo Silva
    Leonardo Silva8 måneder siden

    Gone...again..at least let us know,everyone cares for you and your content and its so unfair that he just comes and goes as he pleases

  • Malkarion


    8 måneder siden

    Either he has a private family issue or nothing he wants to talk about, you just have to be patient

  • FIM _1
    FIM _18 måneder siden

    mpmake a video plsss ;c

  • Tris C
    Tris C8 måneder siden

    Please upload :(

  • Candice
    Candice8 måneder siden

    Scarce hasn’t uploaded in a while 😬😬 please come back I don’t want to watch keemstar

  • yash buddha

    yash buddha

    8 måneder siden

    He just sent to get some milk

  • Fettuccine
    Fettuccine8 måneder siden




    8 måneder siden

    I agree xD

  • d0wn_cast
    d0wn_cast8 måneder siden

    scarce has is dead

  • Semo
    Semo8 måneder siden

    Please come back :(

  • BUP
    BUP8 måneder siden

    Guys he's probably alright he once disappeared for like half a year a while ago

  • Diego Alvarado
    Diego Alvarado8 måneder siden

    What a magic trick

  • Diego Alvarado
    Diego Alvarado8 måneder siden

    And disappeared

  • Sphe Ncube
    Sphe Ncube8 måneder siden

    is scarce okay been over 2 weeks no post????

  • jordan lopez
    jordan lopez8 måneder siden

    Wheres scarce

  • Johnathan McDinger
    Johnathan McDinger8 måneder siden

    Lowkey making me worried asf I’ve been checking his channel for the past two weeks, nothing

  • yash buddha

    yash buddha

    8 måneder siden

    He's just getting milk

  • UrMuM Gay
    UrMuM Gay8 måneder siden

    Nobody: Scarce: disappears from the internet and returns 6 months later

  • Ducky Boi
    Ducky Boi8 måneder siden

    I wonder if scarce got affected by the hurricane or fire

  • khalil HVAC and weather
    khalil HVAC and weather8 måneder siden

    Dad hasn’t came home with the milk in 2 weeks

  • BrankBruz
    BrankBruz8 måneder siden

    Shit hes gonna do it to us again

  • Lol Killem

    Lol Killem

    8 måneder siden

    Annoying 🤦‍♂️ and then returns like nothing happens

  • solitary one

    solitary one

    8 måneder siden


    THE BUTTER FLUFF MAN8 måneder siden

    Scarce pulling a Ceeday rn.

  • swifty snail
    swifty snail8 måneder siden

    Bro I thought I accidentally unsubscribed or something

  • Ermiya 420
    Ermiya 4208 måneder siden

    scarce comeback if you're not dead g

  • Javier Diaz
    Javier Diaz8 måneder siden

    Scarce @secureteam10 really needs help and I think you should cover that story so more people can know.

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer8 måneder siden

    Bruh moment

  • Chibi
    Chibi8 måneder siden

    Scarce dont leave us again!

  • T Tt
    T Tt8 måneder siden

    “and when the world needed him the most he disappeared”

  • Monokuma
    Monokuma8 måneder siden

    Scarce come back to us pls

  • Jonathan Aguirre
    Jonathan Aguirre8 måneder siden

    Where has my dad been for almost three weeks?

  • aquarist
    aquarist8 måneder siden

    scarce just pullin' a scarce and disappearing again and when he comes back we won't ask where he's been and he won't tell us but I don't care cuz I love scarce

  • ComradeMilk
    ComradeMilk8 måneder siden

    if chinese didnt make corona th

  • D-K' CS
    D-K' CS8 måneder siden

    Please come back, Daddy. I will buy that pack of smokes for you!

  • Acaz71
    Acaz718 måneder siden

    You gone again?

  • Rogue But Here
    Rogue But Here8 måneder siden

    CONTENT??? PLS?? 2 WEEKS??

  • Wuzi Productions
    Wuzi Productions8 måneder siden

    Imagine freedom of speech

  • BolCol
    BolCol8 måneder siden

    Pov: looking for new scarce video

  • Tallon Jones
    Tallon Jones8 måneder siden

    Where has this man gone?

  • Fettuccine
    Fettuccine8 måneder siden

    Where have you gone king

  • Cheese shit 999
    Cheese shit 9998 måneder siden

    U ok man I’m concerned

  • Monlamin Flan
    Monlamin Flan8 måneder siden

    What happened

  • Mrsup
    Mrsup8 måneder siden

    Scarce what happened why aren't you posting?

  • Broken Kitchen Timer
    Broken Kitchen Timer8 måneder siden

    Make a new video?

  • DraconicReconcile
    DraconicReconcile8 måneder siden

    Time for another year long hiatus let's gooooo

  • Hunter Fish
    Hunter Fish8 måneder siden

    Scarce please come back the babysitter is weird

  • ven
    ven8 måneder siden

    Been two weeks, anyone know what happened?

  • Mamba Melts
    Mamba Melts8 måneder siden


  • My name is Jeff
    My name is Jeff8 måneder siden

    Where is this man!

  • TwistedMissile
    TwistedMissile8 måneder siden

    Welcome to the wasteland, where scarce videos are scarce

  • Ryan Hall
    Ryan Hall8 måneder siden

    i wondering if its some life issues or NOlocal >:(

  • Liam Dowling
    Liam Dowling8 måneder siden


    THE BUTTER FLUFF MAN8 måneder siden

    Your right to not post has been revoked.

  • Teemu H1Z1
    Teemu H1Z18 måneder siden

    RIP Scarce :(

  • BGaff
    BGaff8 måneder siden

    Welp scarce grew his channel and was killing it and once again has quit lol

  • xJAKINGx
    xJAKINGx8 måneder siden

    Scarce you good?

  • jvresol
    jvresol8 måneder siden

    i miss john scarce, where has he gone this time ?

  • Littlebodybigb00ty
    Littlebodybigb00ty8 måneder siden

    uuuuuuuuuhhhh i thought i accidentally turned my notifications off but he just hasn't posted and im worried

  • Chris Olivar
    Chris Olivar8 måneder siden

    Sum is gonna happen sum big

  • Gaven Miller
    Gaven Miller8 måneder siden

    Where are you

  • Lax Do
    Lax Do8 måneder siden

    You good bro

  • el_jefe ne
    el_jefe ne8 måneder siden

    Ah shit here we go again another 10 month break

  • Jessie Rodriguez
    Jessie Rodriguez8 måneder siden

    Haven't seen a new scarce video in a while..

  • Drayton Wolfe
    Drayton Wolfe8 måneder siden

    Awe man I miss you scarce only want to watch you

  • Chillingen
    Chillingen8 måneder siden

    its been two weeks so I guess we wont be seeing him for a while again. Damn

  • Xlyc
    Xlyc8 måneder siden


  • MicheallikeMJ
    MicheallikeMJ8 måneder siden

    I needs my Scarce news!!!

  • missallyjones
    missallyjones8 måneder siden

    Where is Scarce

  • Fastfox9
    Fastfox98 måneder siden

    Where has he gone? He better be having fun, I enjoy his content.

  • Fastfox9


    8 måneder siden

    Chad Kensington thanks!

  • Chad Kensington

    Chad Kensington

    8 måneder siden

    He’s Streaming on twitch

  • pinkqu
    pinkqu8 måneder siden

    Guys make drama pls so he will come back

  • mumble


    8 måneder siden

    there is already enough drama for him to make a 30 minutes video

  • Mr_Bot
    Mr_Bot8 måneder siden

    Notice people started talking trash when he got banned

  • Liam Dowling

    Liam Dowling

    8 måneder siden

    If scarce gets banned I’m killing myself

  • eviry shegy
    eviry shegy8 måneder siden

    you’re making me watch keemstar

  • eviry shegy

    eviry shegy

    8 måneder siden

    Liam Dowling 😣

  • Liam Dowling

    Liam Dowling

    8 måneder siden


  • Fettuccine
    Fettuccine8 måneder siden

    Where are the videos bro? Something happen?

  • Prod banK
    Prod banK8 måneder siden

    scarce is quitting again :(

  • M1ntys r6
    M1ntys r68 måneder siden

    Where u at big boi?

  • Cabbage Sprinkles
    Cabbage Sprinkles8 måneder siden

    Daddy Scarce don’t leave us now we need you

  • OwenVR
    OwenVR8 måneder siden

    He is probably fighting another boxing match