YouTuber Deals With Serious Allegations... Jake Paul, Chris Tyson, Ludwig

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  • Aaron Rosales
    Aaron Rosales2 dager siden

    The cancel people are the stupidest people I've ever seen if you cancel people are reading this stop using things that are 5 years old or older stop using things thst they already did yall are dumb mfs

  • None
    None2 dager siden

    I really feel that crime allegations are supposed to report to the police instead of the internet.

  • Sultry
    Sultry4 dager siden

    I hope that the person who dug the dirt on Chris is very happy now, no one's perfect dude. Maybe Chandler is next? damn stupid people trying to cancel the whole MrBeast crew.

  • bleh
    bleh5 dager siden

    People that are this sensitive and bring stuff from the past when it was more ok to say and has nothing to do with them dont belong on the Internet i dont know why people are so sensitive and soft it really annoys me how some people are now days

  • dumb azz
    dumb azz5 dager siden

    i dont think jake assulted her

  • Thermicle
    Thermicle6 dager siden


  • Jameel Coleman
    Jameel Coleman7 dager siden

    Jake Paul is the same person that used the Hurricane Harvey and George Floyd situation to get attention. He denied looting at the malls when there was video evidence of him doing it so should we really believe what he says?

  • JustAnotherGrunt
    JustAnotherGrunt7 dager siden

    This Paradise woman is just trying to get money. I fucking do not like Jake Paul but her story doesn’t even have crocodile tears.

  • Mykillerkilljoy
    Mykillerkilljoy8 dager siden

    The chris thing was in 2016, it's 2021. People need to grow up and need to stop going into people's past and accusing then of being a bad person now

  • Delta Poptart
    Delta Poptart9 dager siden

    People really trynna cancel people for there past, grow the fuck up

  • Tony Walker
    Tony Walker9 dager siden

    Grow up Chris was young and just trying to be funny and gain followers

  • Teddy Six
    Teddy Six9 dager siden

    COME ON JAKE PAUL ROPE IS NOT OK yes I said rope because I feel a little uncomfortable commenting r*pe

  • Pou
    Pou9 dager siden

    8:27 are studering are or you shakiing or nervous pls give me an answer thank you

  • LitHunter1485
    LitHunter14859 dager siden

    Enough with tweets from years ago bro people change okay dang bruh enough of this bro people are to soft now

  • Mock
    Mock9 dager siden


  • R4G3 Jevv
    R4G3 Jevv9 dager siden

    Man Twitter has the most brain dead people iv ever seen 😂

  • Surielle the Cookieblobber
    Surielle the Cookieblobber9 dager siden

    9:05 this is ridiculous, people held him accountable, he apologized, what else do they want? What else is there to hold him accountable for if he has apologized for what he has done?

  • CYKA_ BLYAT123
    CYKA_ BLYAT1239 dager siden

    Wait what? Ppl nowadays gatekeeping word called *"REATARD"* ?

  • CuulBuul
    CuulBuul9 dager siden

    Woke people r super hipocritical. If u forgive biden for all the disgustingly racist shit he has said, u have no excuse not to excuse chris.

  • Siren Head87
    Siren Head879 dager siden

    Jake Paul doing that kind of stuff... not old new news

  • 1nf1n1t3
    1nf1n1t39 dager siden

    Me:Dad can we watch drama alert no we have drama alert at home Drama alert at home:

  • Justin Chan
    Justin Chan10 dager siden

    ppl really have nothing better to do with their lives then cancelling ppl for stuff they did 5 years ago.

  • Arjay Louise Vale
    Arjay Louise Vale10 dager siden

    People would dig up a grave just to talk with the dead about a mistake they did 20 years ago

  • Splashy playz
    Splashy playz10 dager siden

    I don't support jake Paul but the story sounds fake she was thinking and stuttering she was it sounds like acting maybe for fame And kept saying Uhm

  • Rai bot
    Rai bot10 dager siden

    Some people who thrashed chris just want some a little time of fame

  • sibboo
    sibboo10 dager siden

    hes acting like ludwig created a subathon

  • erdina
    erdina10 dager siden

    twitter is just a shit place

  • Tyson
    Tyson10 dager siden

    Unpopular opinion, don’t come after me: what Chris did back then was funny af and I don’t think it was a bad thing people now a days take meaningless joke too seriously retard should never be a label for someone but people make jokes that’s just life deal with it. I think our online community has been poisoned by the over sensitive people who get offended by people wanting to have a good time. The other day I was wearing a hat that my dad gave me a girl walked up to me flipped me off and said why would you wear that you should take it off but it clearly was something that she thought she should take offense to but had no reason to because it was a hat that had an American flag on it. I’m just saying don’t be so sensitive about what’s online, if you really don’t like it then leave life sucks deal with it people have freedom of speech and shouldn’t get their livelihoods ruined from that. We are all people and we all know that life goes on no matter what just mind your own business and only say something if your really offended not if you think you should be. Have a good day -Tyson😐

  • hrt sgwr
    hrt sgwr10 dager siden

    someone:tells a slightly offensive joke in 2013 cancel culture:[loads shotgun with malicious intent] (jokes aside, I believe that not everyone on twitter or any social platform is toxic)

  • Agent Braxton
    Agent Braxton10 dager siden

    Someone: *makes edgy tweet from 2014* Twitter: *C a n c e l l e d*

  • Logan Schmitz
    Logan Schmitz10 dager siden

    Fuck Jake Paul but why would she say something the week of his fight and 3 years later. It just doesn’t sound right

  • jhdvjgfbhrwqasszzcvbnmjklkhfdstujkppiuyrwafbbhbvgh
    jhdvjgfbhrwqasszzcvbnmjklkhfdstujkppiuyrwafbbhbvgh10 dager siden

    tbh i really hate jake but this really sounds like that girl is lying to me :/

  • James Clinton
    James Clinton11 dager siden

    Soft ass generation

  • Kuzkay
    Kuzkay11 dager siden

    Chris literally said 'He said "nig##r"' he quoted someone. He didn't use the word against anyone. He didn't offend anyone. Twitter kids and no life people are sad

  • Kuzkay
    Kuzkay11 dager siden

    As much as I don't like Jake Paul as a NOlocalr and as a person I think that this time he isn't lying

  • Krypt
    Krypt11 dager siden

    Not just people, but the world itself changes. Back in 2016 the word retarded was used to describe everything as a replacement for “stupid.” Sure, it was still just as offensive to people suffering from Autism as it is today, but it wasn’t really thought about in the same way. I was in middle school back then and everyone would use the word all the time, but obviously times have changed and we are slowly phasing out things that used to be acceptable (often for the better). But in this case, dredging up things from the past that have no bearing on their current personality in an attempt to deplatform someone is really what should be frowned upon.

  • attila sharipbek
    attila sharipbek11 dager siden

    I HATE JAKE PAUL but justine seems like she mega capping

  • cootars
    cootars11 dager siden

    Twitter is absolutely horrible, You can tweet something 10 years ago and get canceled for it.

  • Mr. Narwal
    Mr. Narwal11 dager siden

    Why is Ludwig in an allegation video

  • Cyrus Dodson-Sands
    Cyrus Dodson-Sands11 dager siden

    Bruh chris is totally ok the past is the past it has nothing to do with the person he is today

  • Josh
    Josh11 dager siden

    i can almost garuntee the whole jake paul thing is complete bs, just by the way she talks and the things she says you can tell she just wants views and money

  • Plober mober
    Plober mober11 dager siden

    the r word?

  • Mario
    Mario11 dager siden

    God it pains me that people get upset over past tweets even tho the past was a different time FFS man

  • She Lix Delix YT
    She Lix Delix YT11 dager siden

    people just leave old tweets alone people fooking change

  • Bumblebee Autobot Star wars and Transformers fans
    Bumblebee Autobot Star wars and Transformers fans11 dager siden

    “People Can Change Alot in 1 years and But Megatron Was In Space for 3 years He could’ve Changed alot” “Autobot Ratchet 2010 Transformers Prime”

  • 1mTh30n3
    1mTh30n311 dager siden

    How ww3 starts in the future: they called me pretty, and i found that to be offensive.

  • dikke doei
    dikke doei11 dager siden

    People be attacking the entire mrbeast crew

  • Sander røstad
    Sander røstad11 dager siden

    people really take hours of the day looking for something to get people canceled. Even if it was over 5 years ago.

  • HD Vyzl
    HD Vyzl11 dager siden

    The woman that accused jake paul the girl such a piece of shit im getting really pissed

  • Howard Howard
    Howard Howard11 dager siden

    30 seconds that's tuff

  • Dekaiyree Chapman
    Dekaiyree Chapman11 dager siden

    dude already apologized and people are asking for another. Bruhhh

  • luke martin abiera
    luke martin abiera11 dager siden

    when i first heard scarce voice i thought it was stampy for some reason

  • Luke Pointer
    Luke Pointer11 dager siden

    Are we surprised Jake Paul did this?

  • Ariel
    Ariel12 dager siden

    to me it sounds like he didnt do shit xD good damn society is getting so sensetive !

  • Mr. Phenom
    Mr. Phenom12 dager siden

    Why these famous get accused of sexual assault. When they did literally nothing.

  • Heartzz
    Heartzz12 dager siden

    Hating jake is okay but making lies about him is not

  • Liam Dogzrulz
    Liam Dogzrulz12 dager siden

    I'm not sure I believe the jake paul allegations, seems like an attention grab to me

  • ProjectZyrix
    ProjectZyrix12 dager siden

    Fuck tik tokers

  • Odrizzy
    Odrizzy12 dager siden

    notice how almost every person trying to cancel someone’s past on twitter has a kpop pfp😂

  • Garrick Thomas

    Garrick Thomas

    4 dager siden

    Anime pfp though?

  • Random user 20XX
    Random user 20XX12 dager siden

    Nowadays your past will come and find you, PEOPLE will dig up events of your past just to blame you for it. Oh boy its gonna be a rough 2021

  • TuberYT
    TuberYT12 dager siden

    Honestly I am a Muslim so the islam did trigger me so ill will not talk about that. Chris should not be apologising to some people who thinks joke are nonexistent they need to understand he doesn't mean any of it. I'm also African American to so the N word part will also be ignored.

  • InstinctX
    InstinctX12 dager siden

    I don’t even care about Chris’s edgy jokes from 2016 because it was from 2016

  • David Thomas
    David Thomas12 dager siden

    Everyone is thirsty for views

  • Silva
    Silva12 dager siden

    My policy with racist tweets is that, if its 5+ years old, i dont care

  • David Ziol
    David Ziol12 dager siden

    when you censor yourself saying the word and then show the word plain as day in the video .......... fail

  • Kilowatt
    Kilowatt13 dager siden

    I dont like Jake Paul but that allegation was stupid honestly the way she said it and about how he lasted is childish and I'm on Jake's side

  • eTown Boyz
    eTown Boyz13 dager siden

    Remember back when people didn’t get offended by words? Y’all need to stop being cry babies before this world completely goes to shit.

  • HanzoFPS
    HanzoFPS13 dager siden

    Imagine trying to rip somebody's freedom from them because they said a word? Here's an idea, stop letting people cancel you. Don't delete your account, embrace who you were and move the fuck on. Who gives a shit? There needs to be a social justice warrior/keyboard warrior holocaust.

  • Karma
    Karma13 dager siden

    Chris apologized already, what do you want him to do, crucify himself? Fucking Twitter man, it gets worse each day.

  • FishHatFish
    FishHatFish13 dager siden

    Ludwig made so much money with those subs

  • Giovani Deltondo
    Giovani Deltondo13 dager siden

    Quarantine has gotten people so bored, that they are going through tweets from 5-10 years ago from famous people to try and cancel them. Honestly hilarious 😂

  • all my troubles on a burning pile シ
    all my troubles on a burning pile シ13 dager siden

    One word : bruh

  • Lane III
    Lane III13 dager siden

    Chris said, "he just said (n word)", Chris didn't actual use the word in any harmful way, and I'm sorry but "the r word" that's too far at what point is it a restriction on freedom of speech

  • cursed bee
    cursed bee13 dager siden

    i hate people who use tweets from 5 to 7 years ago just because they are offended by something they don't even have the qualifications to be offended by as a muslim i find jokes about islam kinda funny but they are a bit ignorant but this tweet was made 5 YEARS AGO the guy is literally a dad now astaghfiro allah

  • Rayne Raven
    Rayne Raven13 dager siden

    Twitter platform should be deleted.

  • seth Martinez
    seth Martinez13 dager siden

    Xqc gunna beat that easy

  • Dylan Tamasi
    Dylan Tamasi13 dager siden

    Twitter goblins are wild. They are so hungry for clout that they call someone out for things they did 5 years ago.

  • Ghost !
    Ghost !14 dager siden

    Ludwig,suffering from success.

  • Ghost !
    Ghost !14 dager siden

    Can you put time stamps in the description

  • NeoWebb
    NeoWebb14 dager siden

    Jesus people are such snowflakes, like I’m sorry but it was so long ago. Chris is a good person now and who cares what he said that long ago because I know y’all have most definitely said shit like that aswell

  • Justin Velazquez
    Justin Velazquez14 dager siden

    🥲 Ludwig the boy doing great things

  • HazModz16
    HazModz1614 dager siden

    Syndicate did the same thing.

  • cDz Shayy
    cDz Shayy14 dager siden

    Chris didn't use the n word in a racist way.. Its bs that he's getting cancelled for it

  • •o •o
    •o •o14 dager siden

    Sometimes some of the people in twitter just shoves it into ur face ya know?

  • Jamirah Falck
    Jamirah Falck14 dager siden

    You can't say Sexual on this channel?

  • SjaPlayz
    SjaPlayz14 dager siden

    *Point two seconds*

  • Ranger Danger
    Ranger Danger14 dager siden

    The problem that I have with the jake paul allegation is that... why now? She's clearly doing this now of all times to promote herself.

  • Brallant P.
    Brallant P.14 dager siden

    Can we take a fucking second to appreciate the transformation Scarce went through!

  • Destiny Clips
    Destiny Clips14 dager siden

    The r word? Retard? Are people actually afraid to say that? Isn’t it a scientific term?

  • Treevors 3.0
    Treevors 3.014 dager siden

    There seems to be a trend build people up the do your best to bring them down that's what this video reminds me of her that's what I think about watching this

  • Treevors 3.0
    Treevors 3.014 dager siden

    I mean if you are accused of rape and you didn't do it wouldn't you do everything in your power to make sure that's clear but the dude seems like a scumbag like it wouldn't surprise me I don't know I just don't know

  • Treevors 3.0
    Treevors 3.014 dager siden

    Wait a second Floyd Mayweather he never had any problems before about accusations ever

  • Treevors 3.0
    Treevors 3.014 dager siden

    Yeah but how many people of the same person did it you know what I'm saying couldn't he use Bots or couldn't someone use Bots for him

  • Treevors 3.0
    Treevors 3.014 dager siden

    What the hell is the subathon im assuming your not up for the whole time and what the hell happens when it runs out nothing does Evie like leaves whatever the hell he's doing forever I don't get this

  • glitter_unicorn
    glitter_unicorn14 dager siden

    I really don’t like Jake Paul, but that girls story just seemed more like she was wanting him to seem like a 2 pump chump... didn’t seem believable to me

  • The Chill Zone
    The Chill Zone14 dager siden

    exact reason I havent used twitter in 5 years

  • DK_Nathan
    DK_Nathan14 dager siden

    IM WHITE LIKE 100 percent and I dontcare if u say n word kid like shut up idc kids yall mad hsters

  • loganfancypants3975 !
    loganfancypants3975 !15 dager siden

    And everyone should calm down about jake.he is innocent until proven guilty.even though she showed the messages,we dont know if that is jake and she could have had a friend text her,having the name of jake

  • loganfancypants3975 !
    loganfancypants3975 !15 dager siden

    Bro who cares if Jake said the r word.and who cares if chris said the n word.nobody should f*cking cares,who ever does i f*cking hate you