YouTuber Gets BANNED Again... FaZe Jarvis, MxR Plays, NELK, LeafyIsHere

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  • 11th 1 Niner
    11th 1 Niner9 dager siden

    my main account for terminate for "child abuse", I posted a meme about a kid drinking water where the camera is in the water

  • James Railey Rose
    James Railey Rose14 dager siden

    Lol u got prank Loll

  • Adam Zawadzki
    Adam Zawadzki20 dager siden

    i made a video on how to setup a media server and youtube blocked it, youtube is BS

  • Dog with a hoodie itz_maddin
    Dog with a hoodie itz_maddin20 dager siden

    This is basically what news would be if a news channel had a youtube account

  • unkown 34X
    unkown 34X2 måneder siden

    NOlocal, twitch god... They are all corrupted.. some cases I agree but some cases I don't. They want to silence us

  • Marc Thaddaeus Valenzuela
    Marc Thaddaeus Valenzuela4 måneder siden


  • Great Exchange
    Great Exchange4 måneder siden

    Imagine if these top brass streamers came together and made a REAL streaming platform. Over night switch and just run twitch out of business. For years Twitch abuses their power towards their rules and they’re simply a scummy snowflake company

  • Da Wae
    Da Wae4 måneder siden

    how can people actually believe jarvis i mean lttle kids are not that fucking braindead right?

  • DKsaNn Kat
    DKsaNn Kat5 måneder siden

    NOlocal are banning innocent people lately. I still have to SOMEHOW reach out to get my channel back. Never got any strikes, nor did I ever upload any videos. 😔

  • Tuxedo Alien
    Tuxedo Alien5 måneder siden

    Jarvis should stay banned, he got what was coming.

  • Hjalte C
    Hjalte C5 måneder siden

    My Question is why does faze still let him be in the group if he was litterally aimbotting

  • Troublesum FromCincinnati
    Troublesum FromCincinnati5 måneder siden

    Why did he remind of Rickey Bobby at the end there with his hands? 😂😂😂

  • kam shaft
    kam shaft5 måneder siden

    pokimane sends simps after itsagundam never gets banned

  • Thomas Ausbrooks
    Thomas Ausbrooks5 måneder siden

    OK but the mxr one is fair lmao

  • Owen Chaders
    Owen Chaders5 måneder siden

    jarvis is such a loser

  • Jumbomuffin 13
    Jumbomuffin 135 måneder siden

    10:33 honestly, their thumbnails are so inappropriate and good that they got strikes

  • Bongamerz 123
    Bongamerz 1235 måneder siden

    Oh no if you see Jeannie crying you know youtube is dead if you know MXR Plays

  • LwNickV
    LwNickV5 måneder siden

    What kind of world do we live in where a fking 19yo kid has a manager because he streams a game he's not even that good at at... ugh...

  • TheNukedNacho
    TheNukedNacho6 måneder siden

    Jarvis: *gets banned from Fortnite* Jarvis: *plays it anyways* Fortnite: *bans him again* Jarvis: *surprised pikachu face* Fortnite: Last warning. Stay down.

  • Gregnok
    Gregnok6 måneder siden

    Sorry, but Who the f is slasher

  • Overlord AX-50
    Overlord AX-506 måneder siden

    I finished this video, I scrolled down and saw a title "I Tricked The Internet Into Thinking I Played Fortnite" by FaZe Jarvis...

  • Jean Skipper
    Jean Skipper6 måneder siden

    "Babe can you cry on camera so that people feel bad for us and we get our strikes removed"

  • Mr Angel

    Mr Angel

    6 måneder siden

    Ay shut up you show respect to mxr

  • Jean Skipper
    Jean Skipper6 måneder siden

    Will we ever get a scares video where he doesn't mention banns or demonetized videos, a man can dream

  • Dylan Jesse
    Dylan Jesse6 måneder siden

    Faze jarvis was trolling epic

  • Zachary Showalter
    Zachary Showalter6 måneder siden

    Foreskin and the Milk Boys. I love this content.

  • Hyperspeeder S689
    Hyperspeeder S6897 måneder siden

    Usa sucks

  • Monotonal
    Monotonal7 måneder siden

    Jarvis deserves his ban

  • KIN
    KIN7 måneder siden

    is he that shit to the point of not being able to play games other than fortnite or something?

  • Mischievious Jirachi
    Mischievious Jirachi7 måneder siden

    Twitter funny af lol

  • Anthony Anguiano
    Anthony Anguiano7 måneder siden

    Damn he trolled evryone

  • Veker
    Veker7 måneder siden

    here's what happened : proceedes to not let us hear what he said

  • Carson Youta
    Carson Youta7 måneder siden

    It’s kind of insane just how much better Scarce is at covering stories than DramaAlert

  • Daniel Scheib
    Daniel Scheib7 måneder siden

    Twitch has no chill

  • effence
    effence7 måneder siden

    Screw that Jarvis guy, never heard his name before but if he has the audacity to use aimbot, get banned and then cry on social media asking to get unbanned then he deserves the ban to be permanent. That's one of very few things I like about Epic, they just don't tolerate cheaters at all and that's how it should be. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

  • SapphiR3
    SapphiR37 måneder siden

    God to see Jenny from MxRPlays crying is...Thank god their strikes got removed!

  • Legal Forsyfe
    Legal Forsyfe7 måneder siden

    Lets burn youtube for making jeanie cry >:(

  • Pizzafruit
    Pizzafruit7 måneder siden

    jarvis deserves it i hate that idiot

  • Chonky Boi
    Chonky Boi7 måneder siden

    Jarvis should not be unbanned at all. He tried to avoid a ban for exploiting so before I thought that maybe he should be but then he tried to bypass the ban and knew damn well what he was doing. Then grown men being imature spamming twitter with unban Jarvis, the kid who exploited and tried to bypass his ban.

  • Obama don’t care
    Obama don’t care7 måneder siden

    Jarvis ban evaded and he expects to be unbanned wtf

  • Vanessa NGUYEN
    Vanessa NGUYEN7 måneder siden

    Jarvis tricked the internet

  • Cramped Zeuse5
    Cramped Zeuse57 måneder siden

    I think moral of the story NOlocal is retarded....

  • MooseSaurus
    MooseSaurus7 måneder siden

    Mxr is a nice channel

  • The Wrecking Jock 5699
    The Wrecking Jock 56997 måneder siden

    I jus love this guy's intro

  • Mohammad Nassar
    Mohammad Nassar7 måneder siden

    Her crying said “bruh moment”

  • RaisinTree
    RaisinTree7 måneder siden

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    ADRIAN SIERRA7 måneder siden

    Dude screw nelk people like him makes covid last longer. In my opinion, I feel that if all these people social distanced, wore masks when they went out, and self isolated, covid would've been over, or safe enough to at least go outside without a mask. People like nelk basically extend the quarantine because of parties and protests like that.

  • Starlesslemon
    Starlesslemon7 måneder siden

    Isn't Destiny that mega simp?

  • Arely Ramirez
    Arely Ramirez7 måneder siden

    Someday NOlocal and twitch will be the most hated apps and website especially NOlocal rewind

  • NG3
    NG37 måneder siden

    this is so dumb leafy just criticizes tf you mean attacks and puts lives at risks

  • C0nstant1n
    C0nstant1n7 måneder siden

    So Destiny got banned but Hassan saying America deserved 9/11 didn't. K

  • Detective George Ishaq
    Detective George Ishaq7 måneder siden

    thankfully I'm not a content creator

  • Jaysen T Banks
    Jaysen T Banks7 måneder siden

    daaanng jeannie cried?

  • Mischeevous
    Mischeevous7 måneder siden

    Soon, breathing will be offensive..

    PULSΞSTRΛTΞGIST7 måneder siden

    About the MxR getting their second ban, I'm calling bullshit. This is because it can't be proven weather the father or caretaker was even there in the video or that the child was given the fireworks or pick it up him or herself

  • Ality Saibot
    Ality Saibot7 måneder siden

    That's why caffeine is a more smooth platform

  • Vipez's OUTiSDERS
    Vipez's OUTiSDERS7 måneder siden

    One is laughing one is crying.... What a bunch of fakes

  • Lonewolf 389

    Lonewolf 389

    7 måneder siden

    You also only have a single subscriber you don't even have room to say anything about whats fake and what's not your entire subscriber count is fake oh wait you would have to have one in the first place

  • TheBigAwesome
    TheBigAwesome7 måneder siden

    damn feels bad Jeanie crying :( :(

  • Akira Doves
    Akira Doves7 måneder siden

    I love how unexpecting these videos come out now 😂🖤

  • Killagorilla 02
    Killagorilla 027 måneder siden

    I mean the kid using a firework thing is so bullshit, I see videos of people fighting or firing off tanks hrenade launchers and plenty of other dangerous weapons, yet a kid can't play with a firework while his dad watches?

  • Tortellini Fettuccine
    Tortellini Fettuccine7 måneder siden

    Bruh, so saying fuck you to someone is harmful to them? God you guys are soft

  • Darytix
    Darytix7 måneder siden

    Poor Jeannie

  • put name here
    put name here7 måneder siden

    Leafy getting banned on platforms faster than covid spreading in the us

  • Canadian_TriLL 905
    Canadian_TriLL 9057 måneder siden

    Imagine defending the dumb ass Nelk boys hahahahah. So idiots are scared that their NOlocal might get suspended if they get caught acting like garbage humans anywhere else on the internet. Uh ohhh, life hack though. Don't be morons lmao

  • Ride the Gamer
    Ride the Gamer7 måneder siden

    K bruh

  • flemaster12
    flemaster127 måneder siden

    Leafy is a bully so good

  • Vixterex
    Vixterex7 måneder siden

    He wasn’t even playing lmao

  • Scarse Fanboy
    Scarse Fanboy7 måneder siden

  • DKnight The One
    DKnight The One7 måneder siden

    Twitch is just straight up stupid here's why -Still ain't banned Alinty -Leafy has been banned for virtually no reason -Still no reason for the Disrespect case -Haven't given pokimane any warnings (she basically bullies people who uses her clips) -Banned guy with thick accent after he came out and said what he meant -treats men and women differently -banned some guy for accidentally dropping his goldfish (he cried on stream) Bruhh

  • o1ive
    o1ive7 måneder siden

    Leafy: says the n word and threatens other creators on twitch. Twitch bans leafy Also Leafy: *surprised pikachu face*

  • Umbilical Cord

    Umbilical Cord

    7 måneder siden

    He did neither of those

  • DKPIsgoated
    DKPIsgoated7 måneder siden

    I legit live 5 minutes away from that nelk boys party. Our town was doing good with cases until college students came back and they on made things worse

  • Mr. Stankers
    Mr. Stankers7 måneder siden

    Tfw you dont get a free pass for literally cheating in a game bc you're famous

  • M1G_Tim
    M1G_Tim7 måneder siden

    I don’t even understand why Jarvis still wants to play fortnite. Fortnite seriously died when season X and chapter 2 came.

  • jagermantis.
    jagermantis.7 måneder siden

    Fortnite really sucks ass

  • theStaja
    theStaja7 måneder siden

    Bro, why are all these youtubers getting into trouble on yt? Getting random strikes, getting banned and shit. NOlocal be tripping for real.

  • Wolsworth PS4
    Wolsworth PS47 måneder siden

    If he was banned for aimbotting, he can stay banned

  • Heroyuki
    Heroyuki7 måneder siden

    How the turn tables

  • YungRezzno
    YungRezzno7 måneder siden

    If you get banned can’t you just make a new account? What’s the big deal

  • Pandora Phantom666
    Pandora Phantom6667 måneder siden

    so is youtube becoming twitch it seen like it

  • Bluga Fluga
    Bluga Fluga7 måneder siden

    mmmhmm 18 billion sounds right to me 0:30

  • Bluga Fluga

    Bluga Fluga

    7 måneder siden

    i know he said million just sounds like he said billion

  • Sensational Ennussh
    Sensational Ennussh7 måneder siden


  • GeorgeWPrice
    GeorgeWPrice7 måneder siden

  • apocalyptic quarantine
    apocalyptic quarantine7 måneder siden

    "so we all know that twitchs rule are strict" LMAO WHAT SINCE WHEN?

  • zefyr0s
    zefyr0s7 måneder siden

    Maybe Leafy should just stop being an asshat..

  • Saberease Era
    Saberease Era7 måneder siden

    What the hell does the “faak it” sound like thats bannable I only hear faak it

  • Tenatin96 *
    Tenatin96 *7 måneder siden

    Soooo since NOlocal has labeled a child shooting fireworks as "child abuse", that means they've now slandered 3,623 different channels who have a video showing such

  • Krimmel band Music
    Krimmel band Music7 måneder siden

    Why can’t Jarvis respect a ban

  • luckewillie 405
    luckewillie 4057 måneder siden

    ok leafy got banned for speeding on twitter

  • Potacos The Meme
    Potacos The Meme7 måneder siden

    Idk man, if I was banned from fortnite id actually be happy

  • Creatine Connoisseur
    Creatine Connoisseur7 måneder siden

    I’ll tell you why twitch banned him, it’s because of the fucking simps at twitch that literally do everything for their queen poki

  • Savage Historian
    Savage Historian7 måneder siden

    Jarvis... or crybaby as I call him.

  • Sampie ‘-‘
    Sampie ‘-‘7 måneder siden

    5:39 always the fucking furrys

  • N-B03 Cabotaje, John Dave B.
    N-B03 Cabotaje, John Dave B.7 måneder siden

    bring mixer back

  • Vin Diesel
    Vin Diesel7 måneder siden


  • Edgy Salads
    Edgy Salads7 måneder siden

    seems like NOlocal is going down the shitter

  • SolePilot92
    SolePilot927 måneder siden

    The leafysexuals are mad 👀

  • SolePilot92
    SolePilot927 måneder siden

    Faze Jarvis shouldn’t of cheated I don’t care who he is he cheated there for he deserves to be ban...

  • Brendan Cheong
    Brendan Cheong7 måneder siden

    Maybe leafy should just stick to onlyfans

  • Ben1kin OB
    Ben1kin OB7 måneder siden

    Mxr is being targeted

  • The 412 Devil
    The 412 Devil7 måneder siden

    Your videos are good just stop putting that rat keemstar on your videos.

  • McChess
    McChess7 måneder siden

    Leafy thinks hes so popular like anyone cares that he's getting banned