YouTubers Speak Out Against THIS... Disguised Toast, H3H3, EDP445, OfflineTV

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  • Emma C
    Emma C6 timer siden

    People are praising Toast for standing up for himself and I agree he did the right thing. But don't compare this to all the other situations of cancelling. The things he was advised of were blatantly false so no shit he shouldn't be cancelled. But some NOlocalrs have actually done/said some awful things they should see consequences for. This is just an example of baseless accusations that blew up. It should serve as a reminder to always fact check, not that cancelling is aways bad.

  • spar987
    spar98716 timer siden

    If ur getting hurt by what toast is clearly joking about then the internet isn’t for you 👍

  • dotcom dotcom
    dotcom dotcom20 timer siden

    Mad respect for Toast, especially with a bunch of streamers caving as of late

  • VacuolateBeef24
    VacuolateBeef24Dag siden

    Moral of the story for Toast. People are snowflakes on the internet.

  • Team Magma Grunt
    Team Magma GruntDag siden

    Brother... Breathe in and out, you're giving me anxiety

  • Glass-Joe
    Glass-JoeDag siden

    Twitter is too trash these miserable Karens and Kevins just want to push boundaries for fun by ruining any other popular’s person account Change my mind:👇

  • SlightlyItchy
    SlightlyItchyDag siden

    Only complete fools and snowflakes try to cancel people over getting offended over such minor words. If they had it their way, every conversation would be like walking on egg shells where nothing of importance is ever discussed ...just in case someone gets offended.

  • Deen Reviews
    Deen ReviewsDag siden

    Toast has gotten my respect, #CanceltheCancelCulture

  • C Dawg
    C DawgDag siden

    EDPs website it gona get DDOSS so hard

  • Ariel Zarate
    Ariel ZarateDag siden

    Year 2030: "Non-english speaking countries spoke english" Twitter: CANCEL THEM! Year 2040: "Normal People breathe" Twitter: OMG CANCEL THOSE DISGUSTING PEOPLE!

  • Chelvis
    ChelvisDag siden

    I don't think EDP realizes that videos without sponsors are just videos, not a career.

  • Vincent Johnson
    Vincent Johnson2 dager siden

    Toast is a king 👑

  • Jorge Anaya
    Jorge Anaya2 dager siden

    That fight was never worth 50 bucks. They both suck and I would smack them around my self.

  • Rob
    Rob2 dager siden

    people are so soft now a days its ridiculous

  • infamous drake6
    infamous drake62 dager siden

    toast godly

  • oOble
    oOble2 dager siden

    I’ve literally subscribed Toast because of this controversy respect 100% man.

  • Emma Emilia
    Emma Emilia2 dager siden

    Cancel culture is just cruel and evil now, it's not even for so called ""justice""

  • Micah Lewis
    Micah Lewis3 dager siden

    hehe whats cancel twitter :#

  • 3man
    3man3 dager siden

    Big ups Toast. He addressed the issues that people may have with him and made it clear that his jokes are nothing more than they are; jokes, which can be viewed as not tasteful. He pushes back against the claims that have no backing to them; the last two claims were stated without listing evidence to support said claims. You can’t argue a point if you don’t have evidence to support your point.

  • Brenda Wei
    Brenda Wei3 dager siden

    Just a fan who wants attention. This individual doesn’t even have others to support his/her theory.

  • broodout
    broodout3 dager siden

    Oh gee, Toast is offensive guys! Ice Poseidon too! I still wonder why the misfits aren't getting buried alive for the shit they've said. Twitter is a cesspit. F**k twitter

  • User User
    User User3 dager siden

    really nowadays u don't like it don't watch it

  • SR Charon
    SR Charon4 dager siden

    Oh no role playing with a Mexican accent... Bruh if you get upset by that good luck trying being German. I mean holy f**k how often do you hear an English speaking creator speaking like "ja that iz thee Flammenwerfer" Bro if I would get triggered by it I wouldn't even have enough time to "hate" all the creators

  • Xman
    Xman4 dager siden

    Toast went: "There's no sorry here, I don't need or looking for sympathy....I'm dropping straight facts on you. No mercy"

  • BronsonMonias
    BronsonMonias4 dager siden

    if a youtuber says something like: heeyy im from da reserve i like to drink pepsi and eat hot dogs cooked on the fire and i just got 10 bucks from my gookim so i will go to the home store and buy some pepsi and some doritos... HAHHA I WOULD FIND THAT HILARIOUS.. i would clip it up and send it to my cousins and tell them they are cool

  • BronsonMonias
    BronsonMonias4 dager siden


  • C Chiuco
    C Chiuco4 dager siden

    People this days are getting so offended easily that it makes them look like a child, cancel culture has been the most toxic thing that ever existed. Toast is the first person to address everything in a very non-aggressive manner and this is how people respond just wow

  • JohnnyOmm
    JohnnyOmm4 dager siden

    why chinese always gotta break shit down and defend himself lol " - Toast

  • JohnnyOmm
    JohnnyOmm4 dager siden

    9:00 you forget to say Ching Chong xD

  • ForsakenOsiris
    ForsakenOsiris5 dager siden

    Based toast. Might start watching him now

  • fuad ahamed
    fuad ahamed5 dager siden

    unless your not a part of the community then are offensive. that makes no sense

  • Shrekie Hulk
    Shrekie Hulk5 dager siden

    "why did the chicken cross the road?" "BRO STOP! YOU DONT KNOW THE STRUGGLES A CHICKEN GOES THROUGH"

  • bet
    bet5 dager siden

    there was no 14 year old girl

  • X_Chan
    X_Chan5 dager siden

    bruh they tried so hard to cancel Toast and ended up cancelling themselves

  • Azmain Yakin Srizon
    Azmain Yakin Srizon5 dager siden

    At this point, we've thousands of creators and they're rich. If they want, they can create their own platform and bring their community there. Their income will go skyrocketed. And that will be a perfectly huge slap on the faces of dumb stans.

  • Icewalker108
    Icewalker1085 dager siden

    I really dont see why people try to cancel toast, I have the same kind of humor as him

  • Sinoba
    Sinoba5 dager siden

    people are so fking sensitive these days

  • Andrew Aspromonte
    Andrew Aspromonte5 dager siden

    I understand that people need to protect their property but I always thought those penalties were absolutely insanely disproportionate to the offense. Imagine a judge telling you that you owed that Dbag 150,000.00, and then going to criminal court and getting jail time and another huge fine just for pirating that shitty fight. That's crazy harsh punishment.

  • Vqll3
    Vqll36 dager siden

    What? Is it that rare on not apologizing?

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia6 dager siden

    Here before lucid.

  • Royal Assassin
    Royal Assassin6 dager siden

    If these "stans" like digging up old stuff that people did, why not dig up world history and see how messed things actually was and then try to cancel them, e.g., countries colonizing other countries LOL.

  • Bitter Truth Comedy ❶
    Bitter Truth Comedy ❶6 dager siden

    “ᴵ’ᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ʷʰᵒᵉᵛᵉʳ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉ.

  • Carl Johnson

    Carl Johnson

    5 dager siden

    Nobody cares kid

  • Acog Gaming
    Acog Gaming6 dager siden

    Something is telling me that EDP445 is trolling and he didnt do anything because he is just being so mfking trolly lmao

  • AKillzx
    AKillzx6 dager siden

    I don’t even watch toast and this made me like him 100x more

  • AKillzx
    AKillzx6 dager siden

    Twitter users need to touch grass

  • tedssoN
    tedssoN6 dager siden

    I mean its kinda obvious by now how utterly fkn stupid Ethan actually is

  • the gamer for Christ
    the gamer for Christ6 dager siden

    I think toast is doing some good fighting back against the triggered twitter users lmao

  • Bret Duratti
    Bret Duratti6 dager siden

    NOlocal bans EDP yet there was heavy allegations against people like MiniLadd.

  • Sheldon Matthews
    Sheldon Matthews6 dager siden

    Also I remember CivRyan famous GTA V RP character Mr. Wong and no had a problem

  • Sheldon Matthews
    Sheldon Matthews6 dager siden

    When it comes to cancel culture I find if you go through many of the people who have a problem with a person for “racism” or other thinks of that nature, you find that those people who have a problem will also say racist things and such of that manner but no looks into those.

  • Bengie Galvez
    Bengie Galvez6 dager siden

    Bro who cares no one should be trippin about a joke

  • cagelirious \m/-_-\m/
    cagelirious \m/-_-\m/6 dager siden

    No one is how they potray themselves in public settings... These same people trying to cancel have probably said or done problematic shit in their private life as well.

  • Ilias Cabrera
    Ilias Cabrera6 dager siden

    I'm so down to see the Toast v.s. Cancel Culture Arc.

  • penguin
    penguin6 dager siden

    Ethan is an idiot

  • ChuggieSmalls 420
    ChuggieSmalls 4206 dager siden

    Dude Toast is just gross, I tied watching some of his vids and the dudes just siting there picking his nose and then puts that same hand in his mouth and a bunch of other shit, fucking wack, forget the jokes, mans needs to stop being fucking disgusting on cam or take off the self cam bs

  • XOkingXO
    XOkingXO6 dager siden

    Always have to blame jake Paul just saying like you didn’t have to say that you could’ve just said triller

    DMONSKULL6 dager siden

    dude the guy isnt out killing people who cares if hes hurting ur wittle fweelings over the intwernet ;((((

  • Jonathan Molina
    Jonathan Molina6 dager siden

    Toast is to awesome to be canceled

  • SomeRandomPlayer
    SomeRandomPlayer6 dager siden

    I still have no trust on any sexual misconduct accusation in this industry. I've seen way too many people who are jailbaiting catfishing people just so that they can make some bootleg drama alert video with their mad catz headset mic. it's way too easy to forge DM's and not a single accuser have ever included any credible logs. I don't understand how people on the internet are so... blind... and dumb...

  • Linkly
    Linkly6 dager siden

    i don't watch toast but i might just do so cuz he's a fucking lad and a half

  • NotWispy
    NotWispy6 dager siden

    I’m like toast just not famous if u will glad I’m not really fk cancel culture

  • Tim Coll
    Tim Coll6 dager siden

    Literally the most annoying voice on NOlocal

  • Coaster Craziness
    Coaster Craziness6 dager siden

    Good job Toast

  • J. S.
    J. S.6 dager siden

    Nooooo not Emzotic!

  • Warbudda
    Warbudda6 dager siden

    Do people honestly still care what a bunch of hotshot youtubers do? It’s like watching keeping up with kardashians it’s stupid

  • J. S.
    J. S.6 dager siden

    I don't watch toast but I do like his response to a bunch of idiots trying to cancel him over nothing.

  • vargen1414
    vargen14146 dager siden

    NOlocal hates snails

  • vargen1414
    vargen14146 dager siden

    EDP should go to jail

  • Rei Caixa
    Rei Caixa6 dager siden

    2020 and 2021 and "judgers" getting eaten alive. What a great time to be alive, Corona can't make up for it, it is still a great year.

  • vargen1414
    vargen14146 dager siden

    What is the r slur?

  • Human Person
    Human Person6 dager siden

    Toast is even big braining those fucking cancellers. He’s hilarious and it’s so obviously satire

  • Adam Feazel
    Adam Feazel6 dager siden

    Never liked so many comments in my life. This community has got their priorities straight

  • Bryn
    Bryn6 dager siden

    Your narration stays monotic during the entire thing, like you're about to burst. Otherwise, good video

  • 哎呀
    哎呀6 dager siden

    "mom i want keemstar" "We have keemstar at home" ...

  • AngryChickenGod


    5 dager siden

    at least 'keemstar at home' doesn't make false accusations to ruin people's lives when he isn't the center of attention for 5 minutes

  • xX DrexXxifier Xx
    xX DrexXxifier Xx6 dager siden

    if people are being cancelled over gta rp why hasnt greek been cancelled he plays a black homeless character

  • Papa Roach
    Papa Roach6 dager siden

    5:22 sounds like I'm listening to PC Principal 🤣

  • B U R R
    B U R R6 dager siden

    People that do the cancel culture stuff really don't have a life huh? Maybe they should just end it then 😃🖕🏽

  • Veer Patel
    Veer Patel6 dager siden

    Bro I’m Indian. I love it when people make jokes about India/Indian people. My personal favorite is. “Do you need tech support?” Fell free to make jokes about India/Indian people.

  • Kombat Cyn
    Kombat Cyn6 dager siden

    Edp looks like a dollar store ice cube

  • AlexerV
    AlexerV6 dager siden

    the entire comment section rn: BIG RESPECT FOR TOAST

  • Y o m o o
    Y o m o o6 dager siden

    Toast can say whatever he wants

  • iCyberDev
    iCyberDev6 dager siden

    Bruh. Shitty example but As an Arab. If someone said that i don't belong in your country because I'm a terrorist? That's racist. If someone told me that i have **explosive** personality when I'm ranting in typical loud Arab fashion? I'd fucking laugh my ass off. The difference is the intention and context. The first one attacks me as a human being trying to make a living. The second is attacking my stereotype with a terrorist kaboom joke but was clearly a joke meant as a comedic effect to break the tension or ice of me ranting about something loudly by using my own shitty stereotype association SATIRICALLY to convey a point or make me go "wait what?". Toast plays on the edge. And frankly? I would trust more than any other online persona if i ever needed an advocate for my rights because the edge person that toast is online is (and I'm aware I'm guessing here) probably closer to real life toast personality than someone else who plays a Mary Sue online but has a more fucked offline presence. At least i know what I'm expecting from toast and I'm all here for it because i also see how he supports others and makes everyone have fun above his own time sometimes... This Stan cancel culture needs to go.

  • Ambience
    Ambience6 dager siden

    Perfect response from Toast. Some of these people just need to get a life, jesus.

  • Twin Ky
    Twin Ky6 dager siden

    oh boy, twitter is at it again

  • Dan Q
    Dan Q6 dager siden

    I feel like this attempt to cancel toast was a long time coming. Earlier this year people were going after Ash.

  • Ikonik
    Ikonik6 dager siden


  • Finzy 5905
    Finzy 59056 dager siden

    I hope toast don’t apologise

  • Koroshiya
    Koroshiya6 dager siden

    Most people in twitter are too sensitive and hypocrites

  • Attila H
    Attila H6 dager siden

    Oh how much I hate when someone goes after your path and judge you for something that was either a trend to do and laugh about it back that time or the whole world let it pass because we were not that sensitive piece of sh!t that we are now...

  • UnDead Ahead
    UnDead Ahead6 dager siden

    Lol everybody upset over over edgy humor? Haliarious. I'm disabled myself n ppl make jokes all the time. And ngl, that shit pretty damn funny imo

  • F Y
    F Y6 dager siden

    edp "445" 4+4+5=13 (13 years old) ....that's not a coincidence

  • Mad max Crashes
    Mad max Crashes6 dager siden

    For the edp situation atleast he admitted it unlike most others who just sit there in silence he accepted his fate and he will do the time for his crimes

  • DubbzzySnipezz
    DubbzzySnipezz6 dager siden

    Galaxy Brain.

  • Wet Noodle
    Wet Noodle6 dager siden

    I don’t like how soft people are these days

  • Caleb
    Caleb6 dager siden

    I love how white people like to advocate for things that they have no cultural experience or connections

  • Astral
    Astral6 dager siden

    Goat is a legend

  • Dash Tancioco
    Dash Tancioco6 dager siden

    Too many Karens

  • Darío Somuano Cicero
    Darío Somuano Cicero6 dager siden

    If you get offended by toasts humor don’t watch him

    ROBERT MONTALVO6 dager siden


  • Pucks world
    Pucks world6 dager siden

    If I say nigger in NOlocal comments will I get canceled

  • Pucks world

    Pucks world

    6 dager siden

    @the faster the better dw I only said it to meme I’m not rly like that lol

  • the faster the better

    the faster the better

    6 dager siden

    @Pucks world Yeah I admit it was terrible lol, anyway praying that you grow out of your edginess

  • Pucks world

    Pucks world

    6 dager siden

    @the faster the better that comeback was horrible I would have preferred if you strait up called me a clown

  • the faster the better

    the faster the better

    6 dager siden

    @Pucks world Woah I didn't know you could create emojis based on your own face that's so cool!

  • Pucks world

    Pucks world

    6 dager siden

    @the faster the better you actually got heated for a NOlocal comment imagine 🤡